Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What I learned after being vegan for almost 2 years

Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Veganism has changed my life. And as far as I am aware, only for the good. What you eat can seems something so simple and unimportant. But it can effect you on so many levels. What you eat is what you are. I believe that. And I don't mean that only in a physical way, but also in a mental way. Maybe even more mental than you would first think. So here is a list of things that I learned after being vegan for this long. And I am sure with many more years to come I will only learn more.

1. Compassion is everything. Vegnaism isn't just about animals who die for no good reason. It's in some extend about the environment, the animals or our health. Bu it's also about something so much bigger that we sometimes forget about it. It's about compassion. It's about being able to see that what most people are doing is super egoistic. As a vegan you learn how to be compassionate. How to care about something else than yourself. I never became vegan because I didn't like the tast of animal products. I loved eggs and cream cheese. But I decided one day I had to stop thinking about myself and what I wanted but I started thinking about the harm I supported. I didn't want to support this world we live in. So I stopped doing what I was used to do and started caring about stuff besides me. I started to have compassion for the world we live on. We only have one. Take care of it and start caring beyond yourself. You're not the only one living on this planet and humans are not the only one living here. We have thousand of species living with us and they deserve a life just as much as we do. When did we decide that some animals can live and some not? Why can't we all live? Why is that for some people so hard to believe? 

2. Being vegan doesn't mean only eating healthy whole foods like fruits and vegetables. It can be, but it doesn't have to be. I eat cookies, ice cream, chocolate, pies, cakes, pancakes, crisps, ... You name it I eat it as a vegan. When you first turn vegan you are so disappointed and stressed over the small range of food you think you're going to eat for the rest of your life. I ate salads, fruit and beans. I did that for a long time and felt great. Of course I did because those foods are super healthy and great if you can keep it up to eat like that forever. But I couldn't. I still mostly eat like that but now and then I need something more, something unhealthy, sugary and more fast food like... And it's not bad to crave food like this from time to time. It's normal and is still healthy if you eat it in balance. Don't freak out if you don't eat a whole food diet all the time. As long as your fast food is vegan I think it's all ok. But that said, I have also learned that not everything vegan is healthy. It's easy at the start when you learn how horrible animal products are for our body to assume everything plant based is healthy, as long it's not from an animal it's good for our body. That's not true. Sadly some plant foods aren't so great for us either. And eating to much of them can be bad. Balance is key.

3. Restricting isn't a solution anymore. As a vegan you need more food to have the same calories as meat eaters. That's just how it works. Sometimes it's easy to feel like you're overeating because everybody around you is eating smaller portions. Don't let that influence you. Just keep reminding yourself that it's normal to eat this larger portion. Your food is healthier and has a lower calorie density so no worries.

4. Making a mistake isn't the end of the world. We live in a mostly non vegan world. The world around us isn't made for vegans. We are the exception (hope this changes soon). But because of that it's easy to make a mistake from time to time. Ingredient names you don't know and all of the sudden tun out not to be vegan, it happens. Being vegan is trying to be better. Trying to make a change. It's not about being perfect. We can't all be picture perfect. I recently bought a jeans.. turns out their were animal products used in it. I never thought this could be a thing. It never crossed my mind. It's a mistake. Next time I will remember to check it. Stuff like this happens. We learn from it. I am also pretty sure in all this time I have been vegan I have eaten something wrong and not vegan. But I don't know it so I couldn't have prevented it, and that is ok. I can't change that, we can't turn back time only move forward and make sure we check better in the future.

5. Everybody has a journey of their own. Never judge. Vegetarian, pescatarian, whatever else their exists in the world.. It's all a great start to become a better person and to help our earth. It's not as easy for everybody to stop eating all animals products overnight. Don't judge people wo aren't vegan now. Educate them. Show them information. And never do it in a judgmental negative way. Always be positive. At the start I was very angry. I just found out al this information and was so mad nobody else knew about this. It seemed like I was all alone trying to solve these problems we humans are creating on this 1 earth we got. I got very angry and upset to people when they weren't open to veganism or told me they would never want to be vegan. But time learned me that talking to people in a way that you show them you understand their point of view, is so much more helpful. People are much more open to listen to your story. I made so much of my friends vegetarian/vegan by not pushing them, but by just talking about my experience and leaving it at that. When they are really interested and open to the idea. Time will pass and one day they will have this revelation and change.

6. Mango and rice are life. Just throwing it out there.

7. HCLF the way some youtubers show it to the world isn't the only way to eat vegan. Nobody who is normal eats 10 bananas a day, 20 more at dinner and 1kg pasta at night. I would explode. It's to much. I do believe high carb and lower fat is a great way to eat. I like to eat this way. But you can eat vegan in so many different ways. I also learned that fat isn't that bad. Avocado and nuts are important to eat. You need it to be healthy.

8. Oats will never be for me. It tastes like mud.

9. Vegan friends make being vegan so much more fun and they will make you feel less like this lonely person in a world full of meat eaters. You need like minded people to talk about the same things and don't feel like a weirdo when you express certain views.

10. Education is key. People will ask you questions. It's because they are not familiar with veganism and are truly curious how it works, what it is and what you can eat, how it makes you feel.. etc. But you also have those people who claim they know everything about veganism and mostly how bad it is. When those first people ask questions you can just give them simple answers and they will be happy. But the last group. You need to know your facts, or they will talk you under the table. And we don't want that to happen. At the start I watched all the documentaries, read books,... But I hadn't really stored all the facts in my brain. When people who definitely weren't a fan of veganism asked me questions I was always a little overwhelmed and didn't know exactly what to say. I knew the information but it was to hard to explain it to people. So now I really invested in getting my facts straight. No animal eater will be able to talk me over. I will have arguments and well researched facts. It's also nice to know these things for yourself. It will be a great motivation to stay vegan for your whole life and never loose the thrive and motivation.



  1. Nice read 🙌 I myself tried to be vegan but never felt quite right (physical and mentally) for the both times I tried, so for now I'm sticking to piscetarianism with as little fish as possible. Maybe one day I will try veganism again. But proud to see those who can make it!

    1. Even not eating meat is helping the world! You're doing great :) If it's not working right now that's ok. Maybe later!


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