Monday, May 23, 2016

Fast fashion isn't ethical fashion

Monday, May 23, 2016
What is ethical fashion to me
Ethical fashion for me means that the least amount of people have been exploited to make a certain product. That means no sweatshops, no child labour, no slavery, no underpaying, no animal products and no harmful in toxic ways and ingredients that will destroy and damage the environment.

There aren’t many popular brands out there that are known to be ethical. Most brands are really heavy on sweatshops and child abuse.

Do you want to support this?
I never used to care where my clothes came from. I loved shopping, so I just bought whatever I wanted, wherever I wanted. Without even thinking about who made it, what the person was played, in what conditions this was made, if it was worth to pay this much when somebody was barely paid to make it? All things I never thought about. And I know most people don’t either.
When I was young my mom forbid me to buy clothes in shops like Zara, H&M, C&A, Mango, … Because she doesn’t support the conditions people are in that make these clothes. But as a child I never really cared, and the older I became the more I wanted to be like all the rest and wanted to buy my clothes in “cool” shops. So when I was 13 I started shopping on my own, I started buying in all these horrible shops. Buying shirts for only 5 euro, and not thinking once why I this T-shirt could be this cheap. And I kept buying clothes like this till 3 months ago. Three months ago I realized, if I don’t support animals being treated like they are just for our taste buds and pleasure. I can’t support humans being treated this horrible. I strive for equality between all humans and animals. And buying from stores who work with sweatshops, isn’t right and ethical. I went vegan because I didn’t wanted to contribute in anyone’s torture. Whether that’s an human or animal, I don’t support it. I care if these people are paid for the work they do. That they are working in good conditions. And most clothes aren’t made in these conditions. When I was in Zara or H&M and found something I wanted to buy, I started to think, do I want this if it is made in sweatshops? The answer was of course, no. Nobody wants to wear something that is made in sweatshops and child slavery. But we forget about it, and just buy what we like. We don’t make the connection between what is hanging in the shop and who it’s made by. But we all need to start doing that.

Every penny we spent is voting and supporting for what we believe in, and none of us believe in sweatshops, none of us believe in child slavery/ labour, or unfair pay, people starving, people being tortured and taken advantage of. So we shouldn’t bee supporting it with our money. We need to make conscious decisions about what we believe in. What is it that we contribute to?

I notice that by buying my clothes in more ethical shops, I save so much more money. It’s amazing. I try to buy my clothes in second hand shops, or Belgian brands that I know make their clothes ethical. It’s also a good thing that you support the fashion designers in your country, if you know they work ethical. I love thrifting, your clothes are always unique, I love the feeling of wearing something and knowing that the change is so little that somebody will have the same. And it’s a lot cheaper. I know it’s hard to say no to all these amazing clothes. They look pretty in the stores, but behind the scenes it’s not so pretty.  You need to think about what you support when you buy those clothes and if it’s something you think is worth supporting.

Clothes that are made in ethical conditions cannot be as cheap as primark, topshop or H&M. You know people aren’t paid the way they should when a blouse is only 5 euros. How can they make the price so low. By not paying there workers. Do you rather pay a little more for you clothes being ethical made? Or do you rather pay less and know that your clothes were made in horrible conditions? It’s a choice you have o make. You have to decide what you find important.

I don’t want to make anybody feel bad about the clothes they buy, I just want to make you think about it.

In what conditions are your clothes made?
Most sweatshop workers earn between 100$-130$ a month. With this they have to be able to pay their rent, water, electricity, food and everything they need. And t-not just for themselves but most of the time it’s for their entire family. They try to survive. This is not living. We can’t even imagine to live like this. At home we spent even more than this per week on just food. They work 5 to 7 days a week, 14 hours a day. Just showing one same seam for years. No days off, no rest. They earn 3$ a day. Which is nothing. What can you buy for 3$ dollars? Big fashion chains starve their workers and nobody holds them responsible. They made these clothes and aren’t able to afford them. If they would want to be able to buy something they made, they would almost have to work a year to buy that fancy jacket for 100$.

What brands are ethical and which are not?
Ethical: Zady, People tree, Eileen Fisher, Patagonia, Moxie jean, Nisolo, Stella McCartney, Oliberte, Everlane, Apolis, Modavanti, Krochet kids, Sseko, Sword and plough, Red earth, Popinjay, Reformation, Maiyet, Pamela love, Guyana, Clare V, Raven + Lily, Master and muse, Indigenous, Shop ethica, Fashion project, Vanilia

Non Ethical in my eyes but they say they try: Asos, H&M ( conscious collection), American Apperal

These brands are just a no go: Forever 21, Topshop, Urban outfitters, Victoria secret, Zara, Nike

I hope this post will make you think when you want to buy something. That it will make you stop and think “Do I really need this? Is it worth it?” Please let me know if you have great recommendations about ethical fashion, I would love to inform me more, I still don’t know a lot.


  1. Thank you so much for this post. I am someone who loves second hand shopping and support ethical fashion. It seems too often that we see the glossy magazine covers and advertisements of models in clothes, but we don't realise how much may have happened behind the scenes for a piece of clothing - the amount of people who are underpaid, the environment they're in and so on.

    1. Thank you for liking it! Second hand shopping is great and also so much fun when you find an unique piece you love :) Yes so truth, the media makes it seem like it's all perfect and sunshine while this is so far from the truth, and so many people don't realize what's going on in the fashion industry which is such a shame!


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