Monday, April 04, 2016

Pumpkin spice latté

Monday, April 04, 2016

I believe what you wear determines your mood for that day, if you choose to wear a vibrant color or a dark color. It means something. I felt quite down the last weeks, but I changed my diet, lifestyle, my way of thinking, … I try to write every day at least one positive thing I did or that happened to me. Reading those ridiculous and stupid stories back make me feel very grateful for the things I have and make me smile. I made the decision to throw away most off my boring, dark, negative, old clothes and start over. When I go shopping now I try to pick happy and funny clothes. I only want colors in my wardrobe that describe me for who I am as a person; a happy, laughing vibrant person. Eating colorful food is a big part for me too. I have never felt better eating all these beautiful foods that make me want to move, jump and dance around. Next on the list: the places and people I surround myself with. It’s so important for your self happiness that your surround yourself not only in an environment of happiness but also with people who make you a better and happier person. So that’s why I am wearing this amazing orange and fun striped shorts.

Shirt - Vanilia / Short - Unknown


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