My name is Sofie Bollen. I am a twenty something year old girl living in Belgium. I have a passion for art, baking, traveling and ethical fashion.

Ever since I can remember I have been drawing and painting. All through high school I studied visual arts. Here I developed an even more appreciation for everything creative. I mostly focus on illustrations, oil paintings and collages.
I would describe my work as a colorful dream where fantasy and reality meet. I look at colors first before I look at shapes. It's the main focus in my work. I draw inspiration from my subconscious dreams and my every day life as a 23 year old student living in a city.

In 2015 I graduated as a graphic designer. Here I developed my design skills in Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop and Procreate.

Now I am studying to become an art teacher in middle school.

To still be able to focus on my art besides my studies I decided to create this website where I share blogposts about my life but it's also a platform where I can share my art as a portfolio.

Here are some other facts about me you probably did not need to know:
I love to solo travel and keep running back to Paris. My star sign is Leo, no clue what that says about me. I am a very chaotic and messy person, I break everything even though I try to be so so organized and handy. I. Love. Watermelon. I have a guilty pleasure for Broadway and even went to NY for it. I can't start my day without a bowl of that ordinary cornflakes that has no taste or health benefits. I am left handed. I have a face full of freckles and I am addicted to watching movies.

Now that we know each other a little better you can take a look around here.

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