My name is Sofie. I am a twenty something year old girl living in Belgium. I have a passion for ethical fashion, veganism, seeing the world, writing, photography and art.

I can not live without my birkenstocks, a good book and music.

Throughout high school I studied visual arts and developed a huge appreciation and love for everything creative. I love to paint, making collages, design magazines, print,...  . I have have been writing for myself for a while now and thought it was time to share it with the world. My head is always filled with thousand thoughts and nobody ever hears them. So this is where the idea for this platform grew, to share my crazy thoughts with those who are interested.

Last year I graduated as a graphic designer where we had to create our own site. But after the assignment was over, I decided to keep writing on here because I liked it so much. This year I decided to study something completely different and new. In a week I'll be studying occupational therapy. There is not much creativity needed with this degree. That's new for me .. But I like new. To keep my creative side happy (and me in general) I decided to make this platform my creative outlet.

I love to travel, this year I visited Thailand, and I can not wait to see other countries and cities. I am very introverted when you first meet me, but I am working on being more social and meeting new people, surprisingly so far it's turning out great. At some point in my life I will live in London. Maybe Hawaii if I can dream big for a moment. No I am not planning on staying in Belgium, it's lovely here but I just do not feel home here. Another place is waiting for me.

Some other random facts you probably did not need to know: My star sign is a Leo and I have no clue what that means. I am a very messy person. I can not stand people who are late. I am always early. I am a mango addict (sometimes also chocolate ..) I have been vegan for over a year now and absolutely love it. I appreciate all kinds of music, from classic to rock. Will & Grace is my all time favorite TV series. My prefect morning includes cornflakes. I fall way to much in public places. I am left handed. I have freckles.

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