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Thursday, June 04, 2020


As you probably know a black man, George Floyd was murdered by the police earlier this week. This lead to protests all around America to demand justice. It was this one incident that lead to this much respons to the injustice that black people have had to endure for centuries. It's not just this one incident, this one opened up the conversations and made the world speak up. But black lives have been taken unrightfully for forever. Now that the conversation has started we have to keep going. This is our time to make a real difference.

Brave people are currently going on the streets protesting and demanding to be heard and seen. Let's show our support by donating money so they can do this.

Black people deserve freedom and rights just as much as anyone else. But they're still being judged by their skin color every single day.

Action needs to be taken. Staying silent won't make change happen.

That's why I am trying to raise money to donate to different Black Lives Matter organizations. Donations will go to protesters bails, to victims and to organizations.

Order my postcard on Etsy and get it mailed to you starting June 11th with a personalized note!

Thank you in advance and please help where you can and do research. Don't be silent.


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