Friday, November 16, 2018


Friday, November 16, 2018

"Life is beautiful. Really, it is. Full of beauty and illusions. Life is great. Without it, you'd be dead." - Solomon

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She was sitting in her pool chair outside the motel hearing the cars in the distance drive by. "What a great fucking life I have" she said silently to herself. No worries, no obligations, just being true to myself. She looked back at her younger years. Being alive seemed a whole lot harder back then. But what she couldn't get was why. Why was it so much harder. Everybody lives. Nobody knows what they're doing. Why did she waste so many years of her life believing everybody knew what they were doing when in all honesty nobody had a clue how to do this thing called life. It's a slippery road everybody is walking for the first time. Whilst lighting up her cigaret she started walking towards the pool and dangled her feet in the freezing cold water. Nice. If younger me could only see me right now. She would not believe what she was seeing. By no means am I rich, famous or have an extravagant life I can brag about, but am I happy? Yes. I have achieved all my dreams. It took its time, but the important thing is getting there and that's what I did. I started to sit down on the pool edge and finally decided to just get in all the way. My cigaret got all wet and bowed down like a broken pencil but whatever, I wasn't gonna waist it. It still lit it up so we were good. I smoked that cigaret like it was my last one. I counted till three, gasped for air and suddenly the freezing cold was pressing against my brain. I couldn't think clear anymore but it felt nice. Coming above water I felt like all my thoughts were placed back into my head but this time in the right order. It felt like a fresh start. 20 year old me might have had a rough time, but 60 year old me she has it figured out. Here I am in a motel where all my dearest friends live, great weather and enough cigarettes so I don't get to old because who really wants that. Look at what you've achieved instead of what you'll never achieve. Life is beautiful, never take it for granted, without it you wouldn't be here and wouldn't that be the saddest news of it all.


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