Wednesday, January 31, 2018

what do I put on my face

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Make-up, something I have love hate relationship with. I have terrible acne, you might not be able to tell on these pictures but it's there and I hate it. So I wear make-up to cover it up. I have the confidence to go outside without all this shit on my face. I do it often, but I don't like the way I look at all with all these red pimpeles over my chin and cheeks so when I want to like feel myself I cover it up. The thing is, I love make-up. It's an art in my opinion, you can express yourself with it, make-up is not only foundation and concealer to cover your bad skin, it can be so much more: glitters, bright colors, crazy eyeshadow, ... I love those kinda things. So I don't mind putting on make-up. What I do mind is that now I know I don't only put it on because I want to express myself but because I want to cover something. That's why I hate it on the other hand. Lately I have experimenting more so it doesn't just feel like covering up, and it's been amazing. I have so much fun putting it on in the morning and can't wait to start experimenting more.

So what do I put on my face to get through the day looking like these pictures? Here is a guide. Let's start out with some golden rules I have for myself. 
1. Less is more: when you have bad skin you want to cover everything up and make it as flawless as possible. But the reality is you have bumpy skin that will never look completely perfect. It's important to remember that. If you're going to put tons of foundation on it will look cakey. By the end of the day it will start looking horrible, and nobody wants that. Letting your natural skin come through will help make your make-up look more natural and more skin like.
2. Don't be afraid to moisturize: often people with acne are afraid to put more moisture on their skin because they think it will make it worse. But if your skin is dry your make-up will not go on smooth and will not turn out great.
3. Clean your brushes: I am the first to admit this takes effort for me. I used to let my brushes and sponges get so dirty that I just had to throw them away. Not only is this super unsanitary, your make-up will look worse and the result will not look as good as if you would have done it with clean brushes.
4. Enhance what you're most proud of: I hate my chin because that's were all the acne is. But I love my eyebrows and top of cheeks so I enhance them, I convince myself that people wont see the bad parts of my face if they're distracted by the better points of my face. 

Let's start with my routine. (Warning I use so much body shop stuff it's almost embarrassing)
1. Moisturizer: I have very dry skin. My favorite lately has been the Vitamine E intense moisture cream by the body shop, I am not stingy with it. I put a lot on my face and let it just sink in a few minutes.
2. (Primer): I don't always use this because sometimes my skin is so dry it will just not work, but when I am going out and really want my make-up to stay all night this body shop all in one insta blur one really does the job. 
3. Liquid highlighter: To bring my face to life I love using a liquid highlighter under my foundation. It makes my skin that much brighter and healthy looking.
4. Foundation: I used to be that person that only wore concealer but lately I have moved on from the concealer and have opted for a lighter coverage. I only put foundation under my eyes, on my chin and maybe a little on my cheeks, but never more than that. Where my skin ins't breaking out I leave it natural. In my opinion it will help the skin that is bumpy look more natural with the make-up on it. If you cover up your whole face it won't look natural anymore. 
5. Bronzer: I have no cheekbones and have a football as a face, let's be honest. So we need all the help we can get. Bronzer is my best friend. I use the Honey bronzer in 003. I do the usual 3 shape.
6. Blush: This is not a very pigmented blust. I have a very red face and don't need much to get even more red. So we need to be careful with the blush. This is more a highlight kinda blush that gives my cheeks this lift and make them alive. I use the body shop Shimmer wave in 40308.
7. Highlghter/ glitters: This is the fun part. I have been on the hunt for that perfect over the top super shimmery highlither for years now and could never find anything that was exactly what I was looking for. And than it hit me. I don't need a highlighter I need glitter. So I went to nyx and bought the Vegas Baby! glitter pigment. It's meant to be used over eyeshadow or something, but I put it on the highpoints of my cheeks and absolute feel alive with this on. I can't wait to buy more crazy colors to use for festivals and stuff. Glitters are just so much fun when it comes to make-up.
8. Powder: I don't use powder to set my foundation. Maybe you're screaming now that I am supposed to do that, but with my dry skin it just ins't something I like. I only put it on spots on my chin with this very tiny brush that needs to stay in place and might need some extra coverage.
9. Eyebrows: I love the shape of my eyebrows so I don't really do much to them. I mostly fill in the  spots with the brow sculpt, where not much hair is with a light hand. I never want to fill them in with a heavy hand, because we all know boxy eyebrows ins't cute. I brush them out, start filling in the ends, brush again, fill them in again, brush again and then set the with a clear eyebrow gel by Eyelure.
10. Eyeshadow: I don't wear eyeshadow everyday and when I do it's very subtle and soft. I start with a pink shade all over the lid. In my crease I put some bronzer and than I take some of my glitter and put in the center of my eyelid. I also take some eyeshadow under my eye.
11. Mascara: This is not vegan. My mascara has run out and I also reacted allergic to it so I am a little scared to try something new. I use the Chanel one and absolutely love it but don't worry we're on a search to find a brown one that doesn't make me blind.
12. Lip balm: Fun fact, I hate lip balm. When you put it on, just one second later it comes in your mouth and you taste it and that makes me so sick. That taste is just so wrong I don't know how people can deal with that. But for Christmas a friend of mine gave me this weird lip balm form London and it doesn't have this weird taste, its the only one I have ever found that doesn't have it. So I use it and love it. If I ever run out I will probably never use a lipbalm ever again. 

And that's everything I do to look like this. Hope you got some inspiration. 


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