Get me through the exams playlist

Saturday, 19 August 2017

It's August. Summer vacation. Normally I would be at a festival having the best time of my life. But I am not. I am at home, studying. So obviously I am fucking depressed, and have been for the past month since I started  with this "trying to study" thing, that's obviously not working out great... In two days I have my first exam and to get me through this miserable time I decided make a playlist that is making me feel a little better, and maybe if you are also in the same ship as me, it will make you feel better as well.

Figures - Jessie Reyes

Delicate - Scott Quinn

Would you be so kind - Dodie

6/10 - Dodie

Think about you - Léon

Apparently I was selfish - Keegan Joyce

You only need you - Tom Rosenthal

Now or never - Halsey

Live - Billie Marten

La lune - Billie Marten

Little Giant - Roo Panes

Redbone - Childish Gambino

Love on the brain - Rihanna

We won't - Jaymes Young ft. Phoebe Ryan

Man on the moon - Zella

Fading - Vallis Alps

Ocean eyes - Billie Eilish

White noise (R3hab remix) - Ella Vos

In your eyes - Badbadnotgood

Time - PnB Rock

Sticky Situation - Quin, Syd

Hold on - Nick Cannon

Red earth & pouring rain - Bear's Den

Step two - Parov Stellar

Bear's Den - Agape

Radio - Lana Del Rey

Drive - Oh wonder

Paper Airplanes - Canyon City

Something broke that day - Woodlock

Want you back - HAIM

Compromise - Kyle Lionhart


A spontaneous trip to Berlin

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Let me start by saying that it rained 80% of my time in Berlin. I know this shouldn't keep me from taking pictures, but sadly it did. So I have barely any shots of the things I was hoping to get. But here are a few. 

Berlin has my heart. Despite the rain it was one off the most beautiful cities I have ever visited. I thought of it as the most breathable city I could think of. No super busy, crowded dark streets. I almost forgot I was in a big world city.

I never feel the need to only really visit the very known and famous spots. I don't see what's so special about that. I enjoy discovering a new city and coming across special spots. One way or another you will pass all the famous places and still see them. I spent the first day wandering around the streets without a plan. Hopping on and of the metro. Surprised every time I stuck my head above the ground with what I would find. Of course in my time being there I passed some famous place, and I am glad I did. They were pretty epic. But I never did any research of this city before hopping on that plane. So my knowledge about what was famous and what not was pretty unknown to me. But I could always tell by the amount off tourists standing in one spot how touristy and famous something was. 

The next day I visited the bauhaus.... Which sadly was closed. But the outside looked really pretty as well. 

And the one tourist stop I really wanted to visit was the Holocaust Memorial. It was stunning. Walking through those gray blocks felt really special. 

One thing Berlin knows how to do right is vegan food. This is why I was mostly excited about visiting this city. It was crazy how much choice there was. It's vegan heaven. I ate Turkish, Indian food, the craziest tasting donuts, and so much more. There is even a 100% vegan grocery store called Veganz! Definitely worth checking out. The only sad thing is that I had to fly home so I couldn't buy all the crazy good food that they had there to bring home. 

I visited one museum. The Berlinische Galerie seemed my cup of tea with the wide arrrangement of modern art. It may not sound so famous, I had never heard of it. But it is worth visiting. The museum presents Berlin art from 1870 to the present and below you find varying exhibitions. The permanent collection is on the top floor and consists of visual arts, photography and architecture. So it' s a nice mix of everything. Perfect when you only have time for one. It was hard to find my way in the museum itself, because it was very confusing were all the halls were but I figured it out with some struggles here and there. And it made it even more an adventure.

I can't wait to book my next trip to Berlin. I fell in love. 


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