Celebrating being vegan for two years

Today marks the day I decided to give up all animal products. And to be completely honest, this vegan journey has been so much easier than I ever expected it to be. I cried my whole way through telling my mom that I wanted to go vegan, why I wanted to do it and how much it meant to me. I thought it would never be possible. I thought that it would be so hard for my parents to understand and that they would never allow me to do this. I felt so powerless, I really wanted to stop hurting all those animals but did not saw this happening while still living at home. I actually laugh a little when I think back about that time. I made this lifestyle look so much more dramatic and difficult in my head than it actually is. I did not tell my parents I was vegan for four months ... Because I was too scared about what they would think about me. When in reality, we never even notice I eat different than the rest. My family eats so much vegetables, I almost never have to cook for myself. So why was I so stressed over this? I think when we first hear about vegansim we turn it into this big thing, when it's actually just a little adjustment. Don't be like me, and just tell your family if you want to be vegan. They will understand. I stopped restricting my calories. And my family saw me become a happier person day by day. How could they be against me being more happy than ever before.

I started this journey thinking it would be so hard, thinking everybody would think I was the strange kid. But it turned out perfect. I became happy, more confident, more social, learned to love myself and my body, I learned to speak up for myself and what I believe in, I met some of the most amazing people through veganism that I otherwise would have never met. It made me a better and happier person. I never thought food could have such a big impact on your life. It's just a basic human need. But after these years I learned it's so much more. You really are what you eat. And not in a physical way. But mentally. If you decide what you put in your body, if you support an ethical way of living, it gives you so much joy and fulfilling. I am happy every day about the way I decide to live my life. I live a life without regrets and guilt. I know I am putting the right foods in my body to grow old as healthy as I possibly can be. And knowing that, makes me feel better than ever. 

After years off hating myself, for the way I looked, felt and was. I finally found peace. I still struggle sometimes. But it's different. Before I felt so lost, and felt like there was no solution or way out of these feelings. Now I know I will feel better the next day. And that there is a way for me. A way of living that makes me happy and feel good about myself. That there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Veganism is something very personal. It would be ideal if the whole world became vegan. But over the years I learned you have to be ready to take this step a 100% by yourself. You can't be pushed to live this way. It's something that has to feel right for you. Nothing against your beliefs will turn out feeling right. I think that I feel this happy is because I made this decision after informing myself on this topic and really falling in love with the idea of having a lifestyle like this. I can't imagine living a life where I consume animals. I reached my two year mark and can't wait for all the years that still have to come. I will never go back.


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