Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Why I choose experience over materialism

Wednesday, March 22, 2017
The more I thought about it the last couple weeks, the more I realized what a huge materialistic and greedy person I have been my whole life. Mostly unconscious. I have always loved 'stuff'. I love a pretty interior, clothes, make-up, stationary,... the list goes on. I love buying and receiving new things. It makes me happy.. To some extent. See when you buy something new, you love it, you want use it all the time. But after a while it gets old and you don't feel the same towards it anymore. It's just the same as all the other stuff hanging around in your house. So the time to buy something new comes again.. and again. And I am sick of that routine.

This summer I threw almost all my clothes away. It felt like a fresh air. I loved it. But after a while I got this feeling I had absolutely nothing to wear.. but the thing is, I still kept a full closet. So how come I had this sudden feeling of not having anything at all? I had less, but not nothing. I still own to much. I still haven't worn everything in my closet. I love fashion, I love how you can express yourself with it. But I don't like spending so much money on it and it's also not necessary. Clothes don't really give you  experiences. They don't make you happy in the long term. I have learned to say no to a lot of things this year. But clothes is still so hard. Every week I get this feeling of needing something new. I never buy something but still I feel like not having enough. Why is it that we need to have so much? Why can't I feel happy whilst wearing almost the same outfit every day?

And with these thoughts crossing my mind, I decided I didn't wanted to be that person that choses material things over experiences. I love life and living way to much. When I am older I am never going to think about this amazing dress I whore in my twenties. I will think about my friends, travels and all the crazy adventures I had. Those will be the things that make me smile. Those are the things that right now also make me feel the happiest. 

2017 will be the year I start my journey of minimalism. I am more than ready. Will I be able to stop my behavior of buying stuff I think I need right from the start? No. I know I will buy new stuff, I have this month bought to much of what I know I don't need. But I know I will learn in time. It just needs to become behavior that feels like normal.

Don't take life to serious. I wished I loved more. I wish I knew how precious life was. How special. and at the same time fragile and insignificant. I wish i didn't give up on my dreams so easy. One day life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching. When we look back on our lives we will all wonder, did my life mean anything? Was I loved? Did I have an impact on anybody else? Wo won't care about opinions from others. Make your live matter. Material things are not that what make your life worth watching back on.

I want to life a life so when I am older I won't regret a single thing. I want to have lived not a 100% but 300%. I will clear out all my belongings, throw away unnecessary stuff and not buy anything I can live without this year. No new clothes, make-up, ... I want to travel. That is where my money needs to go. I know it will make me far more happy than a new pair of shoes in the long term.


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