Saturday, December 31, 2016

winter playlist

Saturday, December 31, 2016
I don't have a real winter feeling, it's not that cold, it doesn't really rain and you can wish for snow as much as you want, but you will not get it, I promise you. What's a winter without freezing your toes of and wishing for hot chocolat during every second you spend outside? Not really a winter at all if I can be pessimistic. So let me help you getting your winter feeling, by recommending the perfect music to bring you in the right mood. Ok little confession, it's not really that much of winter/ festive music.. but it's what I am liking at the moment. Also My music taste has been all over the place..., like really all over the place.. even some country. So don't be surprised if you hear some weird music, just warning.

Follow the sun - Xavier Rudd

Won't you come over - Devendra Banhart

Edge of town - Middle kids

22 (over soon) - Bon Iver

Come first - Terror Jr

Forest fire - Axel Flovent

Way down we go - Kaleo

Tachycardia - Conor Oberst

Keep me satisfied - Tiny legs Tim

To be alone with you - Sufjan Stevens

Bruises - Dusted

La bohème - Charles Aznavour

Where to start - Lou Dillon

Ophelia - The Lumineers

Satisfaction - The Bay Rays

To be without you - Ryan Adams

Ain't gonna happen - Born Cages

Reputation - Mothica, Icarus Moth

Tescoland - Jamie T

Gonna know we were here - Jason Aldean

Anything goes - Florida Georgia Line

Wagon Wheel - Darius Rucker

I'm coming over - Chris Young

Hi fret girl - Drummakid

Highlight - CJ Flemings

blkswn - Smino

Merry Christmas and happy holidays - NSYNC

Believe - Josh Gordon

Winterbreak - MUNA

Over my head - Alabama Shakes

Neil Patrick Harris - Sugar Daddy

Neil Patrick Harris - Wig in a box

Neil Patrick Harris - The origin of love

Can't help falling in love with you - Ingrid Michaelson

Breathe (2am) - Anna Nalick


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