It's getting colder, my immune system is getting weaker, and my body is craving healthy nutrients and vitamins. What better way to make me feel my absolute best than eating a smoothie bowl. Most of the time I will drink a smoothie with just bananas, mango and oranges,  keeping it simple. But from time to time I feel like I need some more raw veggies in my life, and just start throwing everything I can find in my blender to create a combination that might not be attractive to all people.. but this time it turned out quite great and delicious. It was quite a big portion but with my never ending stomach that could fit a whole buffet in it I could finish it easily and it kept me surprisingly full for a long time. So if you feel like the cold winter has hit you in a negative way and feel like you're lacking in vitamine D and overall summer feels, a smoothie bowl might be just the solution you have been waiting for. 



  1. Wow, dit gaat van pas komen deze maanden.
    en stiekem klinkt het ook gewoon nog best wel lekker

  2. Hoi Sofie! Ik wist niet dat je een blog had, zo leuk! Dit receptje ziet er heeeerlijk uit, ga ik zeker eens uitproberen nu ik vegan ben sinds enkele maanden. Keep up the good work en deel vooral meer van die heerlijke receptjes! Jill

  3. dit ziet er echt heerlijk uit!

  4. I absolutely love making these! So filling, delicious and healthy xx

    Imogen |


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