Thursday, April 14, 2016

So I have been vegan for 8 months

Thursday, April 14, 2016
So in september I decided to go vegan. I had been a vegetarian for a while than. And ever since I thought about going vegetarian, going vegan was already in my mind as a next step I definitely wanted to take, but I thought it was to hard to be when I still lived at home. So I decided to become a vegetarian and see how it would evolve in the future.

The 31st of august we celebrated my birthday (which if it interests you is August 5th) that day I ate cheese cake, but nothing else that contained dairy, but eating that cake I felt a tiny bit guilty, because in the month of august I had tried to eat the least amount of dairy as possible, to see if it was possible for me to go vegan in the family I lived. But I love cheese cake and couldn’t resist. Everyone went home and I started watching youtube, as I do way to much. I had heard of the best speech ever by Gary Yourofsky101 reasons to go vegancowspiracyearthlings,.. But never watched them. That night I decided to watch Gary Yourofsky’s speech. It changed everything. He told so many facts I had no clue were happening in the meat AND DAIRY industry. What it does to our health, environment and animals. I thought I knew but I never knew all this. He showed videos from slaughterhouses. And that is what did it for me. I started crying, and I couldn’t stop crying for a while ( it became embarrassing, my mom came in my room and had no idea what was going on haha) I cried for what I saw, how innocent animals were slaughtered just for our taste buds, but I also cried because I wanted to go vegan after seeing this, I was 100% sure off that. But I never thought it was possible. I never thought my parents would allow it. I am not somebody who can speak very well about what I want or what I think, so the fact that I had to talk about this with my parents scared the crap outta me. So I did what any smart person should do (sarcasm) I didn’t talk to them about it. So the first 2 month, yes you read that right, the first 2 months I was vegan without telling them. How does one do that I hear you ask. I have no idea. When I think back about it, it seems impossible, but I did it, I don’t recommend this by the way. After seeing great results, in my body and mindset, I decided to talk to them. The reason why I didn’t wanted to talk to them about it at the beginning was because I didn’t wanted to tell them I was going vegan for then after 2 weeks informing them that I didn’t wanted to be vegan anymore and quit. I would have been too embarrassed. So now after 2 months I knew for sure I wanted to do this my whole life. So I told them all the information I knew, I told them what an unhealthy relationship with food I had before and how this all changed since I had been eating like this, I didn’t felt depressed anymore, I was happy again. My parents saw the change as well so they were fine with it.
I have survived dinners, vacations, christmas, easter, … all being 100% vegan and never being more happy. I have the energy to work out every day. I can find joy in the little things and feel like I am part off this great community that I never want to leave it again. Being vegan in todays society isn’t hard, you just need to find a reason to do it. And there are enough. Educate yourself, be open minded and discover how amazing life is on a plant based lifestyle.
I just can’t imagine a life where I consume animals, and bare in mind I was the biggest meat eater. I didn’t care about animals or the environment. I would throw my trash on the streets, I would say things as ” I can even eat my own cat that’s how much I love meat”. Hahah, I know I was terrible. But hey the good thing is everybody can change it’s never to late.When I decided to live a plant based/ vegan lifestyle the temperature was nice and warm, the sun was shining all day long. I was craving fruits and juices. I felt the energy that this was giving me. But the Belgian winters are the worst. It’s cold, dark, rainy,… everything I hate and what makes me feel horrible. I would rather do nothing all day. And I stop craving fruits and only want warm, dry foods. A lot of bread and cracker cravings,… so that is something that was hard sometimes. I felt the lack of sugar I got from all these different juicy fruits. But I am happy that the moment I am writing this the sun is shining and I am craving oranges and mangoes again. Summer is so much better. But that’s another issue. But not getting influenced by the weather for my food choices is something I need to work on.
So I have been eating plant based and not buy-in any new leather or wool clothes, which is a challenge for me because I love my designer leather shoes. But the fact that it’s animal skin makes me quite sick so I don’t want them anymore. I didn’t threw them away because all my shoes are in great state and that would just be a waste. It took me some time but since last month I am also trying to get rid off all my beauty products that are tested on animals. I gave almost all my make-up away, and also my skin care, toothpaste and wash products are vegan now. I feel so much better using them. I feel pretty great knowing I use something natural and knowing that it can’t harm your body or animals.
So after being vegan for 8 months, life is pretty great, and I am never going back. My friends accept it and even surest to eat vegan meals when we cook together which I can’t even begin to explain how happy it makes me. It means they are open for it and that is what’s important. I cook a lot more now for my family and learned how much I actually enjoy it. It are the small things that make this lifestyle so amazing, and it are those small things that never make me want to go back. To 8 months and much more to come.


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