Monday, September 12, 2016

Let's talk social media

Monday, September 12, 2016

Is everybody on social media fake? Are we all making an image off ourself that isn’t true? Do we lie to the world? I don’t think so. Don’t get me wrong, I know you can make things look different, better on social media, but does that mean that it’s fake? Is it so bad to choose to upload the picture where your stomach looks the flattest and not the one where you can see you have a little fat? Is it so wrong to share what an amazing, colorful meal you had and not the grose brown looking stuff, that probably makes no one hungry? I don’t think so. I myself love strolling through my instagram feed and feel inspired by all these pictures. They don't inspire me in a way that I want to become like them, that I feel bad about my own life. Because that can be dangerous and can make you feel unhappy. But they inspire me to figure out who I am, to chase after my dreams, to keep remembering you can be happy. Even is those pictures aren't always happy and aren't always looking this great and flawless. They make me feel like I can.

I believe some parts off social media are “fake” and manipulated to make it all seem prettier. When you're older it might be simpler to realize that. If 12 year old me had all these social media accounts and was constantly scrolling trough these unrealistic profiles. They wouldn't have inspired me, they would have made me feel worst about my life and myself. 

I love social media, it's this big space that feels so little to me. A place where I can share my thoughts, feelings and creativity with the world. It's something I could have never dreamed of. With one click I can share my thoughts, feelings and whatever I want with the world. 

Lately their has been more hate on social media, and it being fake. People edit there lives on here with filters. But what’s so wrong about editing a picture as a form off art. I do it myself. Am I fake? I don’t think so. Instagram is a place for creative people to share there art and love for photography. If that means to you to edit perfect pictures, with a bright blue sky and only upload pictures where you look so happy and your whole world seems nothing but perfect, than that’s your choice. Nobody has the right to decide in your place what you share with the world. Let’s be realistic; it’s never possible to share your whole world, your ups and downs, in some simple pictures, there are always things going on nobody will know about, but I do believe there is a difference between not sharing some parts off your life and just lying about your happiness, body, health,... online and showing people a lie. It's this thin line people can get stuck in-between. I see your social platform as your personal platform. A place where no one has the right to tell you what can and can't be shared. Even if you have a big following you still don't owe any one anything. 
But personally I also do believe it’s not entirely right to never adress those problems if you’re a big person on the internet, because a lot off young girls/ boys will start to look up to you and may get a wrong image off what life is. It can shift people from what is reality and what is not. They can get influenced in the wrong way and start to feel very negative about their own life. 

They see you in your pictures or videos on a beach, looking tanned and skinny, doing nothing and still having money to travel to all these beautiful places. But what they don’t see are the days you’re working for that plain ticket, the day’s you‘re unhappy, when you’re studying, ... They only see the good sides. I do believe it’s your responsibility if you put a certain image out there to show the whole thruth. And for teenagers who idolise people like this it can give them a bad self/ body image. You will encourage them to do everything in there power to look like this perfect image they saw online... Everyone has down days, everyone has bad days, and the amount off numbers and followers isn’t gonna help that. I do believe we need to be more aware off that. We need to show more off what sociall media is about, the truths and the fakes. It's easy to get jealous and forget what you want, you start to want what they have. You will end up very unhappy when you allow this feeling.

So many people ar promoting fake bodies, are promoting products, are promoting a certain image, aren’t being real with you, those are just the facts. You need to look out, why are following someone? What message are they promoting to you? We need to ask others and ourselfs; why are you on social media? Am I authentic? Do I put an image out there that I am proud off, that I want to promote? But a lot off it is real and needs to be celebrated and appriciated. Our generation is social media obsessed that’s just the truth. Can you imagine a world without social media? I know I can't. When I was young I played one game on our big old computer. No flatscreen wasn't a thing back than. Smartphones... What are those? I played tetris or something like that.. I just remember being so stumbled that you could do these things on a screen. I just didn't understand how this was possible. I never imagined one day we could all play thousand games, share our own world, be online 24/7, live though a screen,... It's something so fascinating. This social media thing is so special and I truly love it. Let’s not forget that social media brings a lot off like minded people from all over the world togheter who otherwise would have never been able to meet. The messages you can spread over the world with one mouse klick, it’s astoundingly

People can always be fake and hide there true selfs if they want, wheather that’s in real life or on a screen. You can lie about the things you’ re ashamed off, make up stories about your life or just edit them away. What’s the difference? Why talk about how fake socia media is, when real poeple can be just a fake and give a wrong image to teenage girls/boys. We are human and we are always gonna wanne be better than we are, we always want to be better, prettier, richer, .. than the other, and social media happens to be the perfect and easiest place to be that. 



  1. I just found your blog from The Messy Heads. I love it.

    1. Thank you so much for liking it, means a lot :)


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