Friday, September 09, 2016

Go vegan for optimal health

Friday, September 09, 2016
I believe the vegan diet is the best diet for optimal health, for everybody. You need to stop following what the media says, start doing your own research and soon you’ll find out what they tell you is a lie. When you do some serious research the only conclusion you can take is that being vegan is the most healthy diet.

Plant-based diets are rich in protein, iron, calcium and other essential vitamins and minerals. The plant-based sources of these nutrients tend to be low in saturated fat, high in fibre and packed with antioxidants, helping mitigate some of the modern world’s biggest health issues like obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Vegans are leaner, have lower BMIs and have lower percentages of body fat. All this means that we’re less likely to get weight-related diseases such as diabetes, have a reduced risk of heart disease and have lower cholesterol, blood pressure and mortality rates. Vegans even have a reduced risk of prostate cancer.

So I think you understand being vegan in very beneficial for your health. But so many people are convinced that they could never be vegan because they would miss the taste that animal products gives them. And I get that. But isn’t your health more important than taste? Vegan diets work for everybody. Whether you are young, old, sick, a sporter, body builder, … etc. If a vegan diet isn’t working beneficial for you, you are either not eating enough verity of vegetables, legumes, starches and fruits or most of the time you are not eating enough calories. Otherwise it’s almost impossible to not feel awesome on this lifestyle.

1/3th of the people and 1/3th of the children in America are obese. So many people need to spent so many money on health care costs, medication,… The combination of high saturated animal fats and high protein is not healthy. Cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity,… are becoming the norm and a normality. Since when is that acceptable? Since when is that normal? These past 20 years there has been a 3 fold increase in obesity. Why is that? What is it that we have been doing? Or eating habits have changed; We eat more processed and animal foods.

Most people agree that chips, fries, McDonalds, Burger King,… aren’t healthy, but they don’t realize that neither are meat, milk, eggs and fish. People need to realize and accept that all your needed nutrients are found in plant based foods without the cholesterol, fat and all the horrible unnecessary stuff. We hear everywhere that animals are necessary for our health. but who told you that? People often use the excuse “but we have been eating animals our whole life? So why would it be bad?” And I get that. We have. But that doesn’t proof that it’s beneficial for our health. It’s just something we have been doing. Our knowledge keeps evolving. We keep discovering knew things everyday about everything in this world. So why is it so hard to believe that we discover new things about food? Why isn’t it possible for humans to discover that animals aren’t good for us to eat, and why don’t we accept that plant based foods are what we are supposed to eat? People need to remove their blinkers and be open to new information. I just can’t believe that in 1000 years we are still gonna eat the way we don now. The earth and the people on it keep evolving, and our habits change. So I do believe we can change our habits if we want to.

The meat/milk industry is so powerful and wealthy, they’ll do everything to keep you hooked to these products. We believe what we see in ads and what we hear from people around us. Why don’t we ever see ads for vegetables and fruits? Because who is ever gonna gain from this? Not the big food industries. And then when you are sick they want you to their pharmaceutical products, so they make even more money. They off your blinders look around you and see what happens in the world. 

X Why is eating animals so unhealthy?

Animal food are too high in fats and protein and are too acidic for our body. PH 7.4 is normal for our body, and when we eat something higer or lower brings our body this back to 7.4. This is essential for our body. Animal products are higher in acidic which causes metabolic acidosis: our internal state is to acidic so we need to buffer it down, and make it more basic. So what do we do; we leach calcium phosphate from our bones, and this outline ingredient can buffer the PH and bring it back to 7.4. Which is great, but it’s bad because it’s leaching the calcium straight from our bones. And our bones are weakened. So it’s ironic that when people tell you to drink milk it’s actually harmful to our bones and health. We end up peeing it out. Societies with the highest consumption of milk have the highest numbers of osteoporoses = a degenerative bone disease that is connected with a shortage of calcium. If this is true, the nations with a high intake of diary products, which are the most important source of protein according to our typical western diet, have low cases of osteoporoses. But according to studies, countries with the highest intake in calcium have the highest amounts of hip fractures, which is the most important indicator to osteoporoses. So completely the opposite of what the dairy industry tells us.

All we here about is that we need protein. We need it to be strong and ads have told us that we can only get it from meat. But what a lot of people don’t know is that their are even plants with more protein than meat. We here and read about high protein/ fat and low carb diets. But I believe the other way is healthy. Every cell in our body runs on glucose, we need carbs to sustain us and give us energy. What our body does when it gets protein or fats, is it has to undergo a very complex process. With whole/ plant foods it doesn’t take us that much energy to break it down in our body so it gives us much more needed energy.

To much protein can also lead to liver failure. High fat, saturated fat and cholesterol are not oké for out health. And these are only in animal fats so high. They clog our arteries and cause atherosclerosis = arteries narrowed by atherosclerotic plaque: damaged endothelium, damaged smooth muscle cells, macrophages transformed into foam cells, lipids, calcium, cellular debris, fibrous cap.
It also causes heart diseases. It’s often not genetic, it’s choice we make. We can only blame ourselves for what we put into our body.

In a study they separated two groups of rats. One group was given 20% of casein which is found in dairy products and the other group was given 5% casein, which is found in plant foods. Twelve weeks long they were followed. The rats who were given 20% of protein were showing a stronger level of new tumor growth. On the other hand, with all the rats only given 5% protein their was no presence of tumor growth. With the second studie they changed the died of the rats every 3 weeks between the 5 and the 20%. When they were given 20% it showed early tumor growth, with 5% the tumor growth went back down.. It even showed that a diet of 20% protein from soja beans and wheat didn’t promote tumor growth. So is it really that cancer is in your genes of can we solve and control it with just changing our diet? 

X Why are plants so good?

Did you know every nutrient that is found in animal products can also be found in paint-based foods: water, fiber, nutrients, fructose, glucose, starch, small amounts of fat and protein, vitamins minerals calcium, iron,…

You can eat more calories and feel satisfied and full, and not even gain the weight and get more nutrients versus animal products.

When we eat 400 kcal of vegetables our stomach is completely full and our brains gets a signal that our stomach is full. But when we eat 400 kcal of meat or stomach isn’t even half full and our brain tells us to eat more. So we eat more saturated, animal fats and start to gain more weight faster. And 400 kcal of oil fills just the bottom of your stomach which doesn’t satisfy you at all. So we are tempted to eat more kcal of animal products when we are not supposed to. Plants satisfy you and you will never over eat on the wrong kind of foods.

(Watch forks over knives for much more information, I highly recommend it.)



  1. I'm doing a project for school about veganism in order to get more people to go vegan. Go vegan! Where did you find this info? I would love to use the sources for my project.

    1. Yes amazing!! The more vegans the better :p I watched the documentary forks over knives and read as much articles on the internet as possible, also youtube can be very informative sometimes.

  2. It makes me really sad but I feel really bad on a vegan diet, and I've tried it more than once (severall months in each time and even took suplements). I simply cannot bring myself to eat meat again but I've noticed cheese and eggs make me feel more energized, so I eat those every now and then. It makes me feel guilty but at the same time I can't live tired and hazy-minded all the time. I hope one day I can figure out why it doesn't work for me

    1. Just only read your comment now.. Wow how late am I? I understand you completely it can be hard to find right away what works for you. It is indeed so difficult to not feel guilty when you have all the information about how bad it is at almost every aspect and still consume it. But if you don't feel well, it's never worth it. I have tried so many different kinds of vegan diets. It takes time to know what your body likes and accepts. I for instant increased my healthy fat intake because it made me also feel so tired and my hair even started falling out. It's a great start being a vegetarian! You're already doing so much greatness not consuming meat! Good luck on your journey :)

      xx Sofie


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