Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A peek inside my dorm room

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

It's not perfect with the yellow walls... Not a fan, I can tell you that. But this room is not all bad. I actually like it more and more every day. I have been sleeping here for more than a week and feel right at home. I tried to make this room as much 'me' as possible. I am sure this room will evolve during my time here but it has to start somewhere. My inspiration was very typical, and even cliché I guess, many plants (green just makes me happy, it calmes me down) and white with a pop of color here and there. I am absolutely loving my orange pillow that reminds me of fall and the one with the cartoons. It does a lot for this old room. I have my own sink which has saved my life. Sharing a bathroom isn't always that fun. I have my own door which is very nice and it makes this room feel more like my own and makes me sometimes forget I am sharing this house with four other amazing people. The big downside.. this house is old and spiders are popping up everywhere. I know I am vegan, I should love all animals, but spiders scare the crap out of me... I still haven't put together my bin, maybe should make work of that, will probably never happen.. I study in a small city so it's very different than what I am used to but it's actually quite nice. I never thought I would say this but I think this is more something for me. Not to much distraction. Oh and I almost forgot, there is a fig three! What more could you want? 


Monday, September 12, 2016

Let's talk social media

Monday, September 12, 2016

Is everybody on social media fake? Are we all making an image off ourself that isn’t true? Do we lie to the world? I don’t think so. Don’t get me wrong, I know you can make things look different, better on social media, but does that mean that it’s fake? Is it so bad to choose to upload the picture where your stomach looks the flattest and not the one where you can see you have a little fat? Is it so wrong to share what an amazing, colorful meal you had and not the grose brown looking stuff, that probably makes no one hungry? I don’t think so. I myself love strolling through my instagram feed and feel inspired by all these pictures. They don't inspire me in a way that I want to become like them, that I feel bad about my own life. Because that can be dangerous and can make you feel unhappy. But they inspire me to figure out who I am, to chase after my dreams, to keep remembering you can be happy. Even is those pictures aren't always happy and aren't always looking this great and flawless. They make me feel like I can.

I believe some parts off social media are “fake” and manipulated to make it all seem prettier. When you're older it might be simpler to realize that. If 12 year old me had all these social media accounts and was constantly scrolling trough these unrealistic profiles. They wouldn't have inspired me, they would have made me feel worst about my life and myself. 

I love social media, it's this big space that feels so little to me. A place where I can share my thoughts, feelings and creativity with the world. It's something I could have never dreamed of. With one click I can share my thoughts, feelings and whatever I want with the world. 

Lately their has been more hate on social media, and it being fake. People edit there lives on here with filters. But what’s so wrong about editing a picture as a form off art. I do it myself. Am I fake? I don’t think so. Instagram is a place for creative people to share there art and love for photography. If that means to you to edit perfect pictures, with a bright blue sky and only upload pictures where you look so happy and your whole world seems nothing but perfect, than that’s your choice. Nobody has the right to decide in your place what you share with the world. Let’s be realistic; it’s never possible to share your whole world, your ups and downs, in some simple pictures, there are always things going on nobody will know about, but I do believe there is a difference between not sharing some parts off your life and just lying about your happiness, body, health,... online and showing people a lie. It's this thin line people can get stuck in-between. I see your social platform as your personal platform. A place where no one has the right to tell you what can and can't be shared. Even if you have a big following you still don't owe any one anything. 
But personally I also do believe it’s not entirely right to never adress those problems if you’re a big person on the internet, because a lot off young girls/ boys will start to look up to you and may get a wrong image off what life is. It can shift people from what is reality and what is not. They can get influenced in the wrong way and start to feel very negative about their own life. 

They see you in your pictures or videos on a beach, looking tanned and skinny, doing nothing and still having money to travel to all these beautiful places. But what they don’t see are the days you’re working for that plain ticket, the day’s you‘re unhappy, when you’re studying, ... They only see the good sides. I do believe it’s your responsibility if you put a certain image out there to show the whole thruth. And for teenagers who idolise people like this it can give them a bad self/ body image. You will encourage them to do everything in there power to look like this perfect image they saw online... Everyone has down days, everyone has bad days, and the amount off numbers and followers isn’t gonna help that. I do believe we need to be more aware off that. We need to show more off what sociall media is about, the truths and the fakes. It's easy to get jealous and forget what you want, you start to want what they have. You will end up very unhappy when you allow this feeling.

So many people ar promoting fake bodies, are promoting products, are promoting a certain image, aren’t being real with you, those are just the facts. You need to look out, why are following someone? What message are they promoting to you? We need to ask others and ourselfs; why are you on social media? Am I authentic? Do I put an image out there that I am proud off, that I want to promote? But a lot off it is real and needs to be celebrated and appriciated. Our generation is social media obsessed that’s just the truth. Can you imagine a world without social media? I know I can't. When I was young I played one game on our big old computer. No flatscreen wasn't a thing back than. Smartphones... What are those? I played tetris or something like that.. I just remember being so stumbled that you could do these things on a screen. I just didn't understand how this was possible. I never imagined one day we could all play thousand games, share our own world, be online 24/7, live though a screen,... It's something so fascinating. This social media thing is so special and I truly love it. Let’s not forget that social media brings a lot off like minded people from all over the world togheter who otherwise would have never been able to meet. The messages you can spread over the world with one mouse klick, it’s astoundingly

People can always be fake and hide there true selfs if they want, wheather that’s in real life or on a screen. You can lie about the things you’ re ashamed off, make up stories about your life or just edit them away. What’s the difference? Why talk about how fake socia media is, when real poeple can be just a fake and give a wrong image to teenage girls/boys. We are human and we are always gonna wanne be better than we are, we always want to be better, prettier, richer, .. than the other, and social media happens to be the perfect and easiest place to be that. 


Friday, September 09, 2016

Go vegan for optimal health

Friday, September 09, 2016
I believe the vegan diet is the best diet for optimal health, for everybody. You need to stop following what the media says, start doing your own research and soon you’ll find out what they tell you is a lie. When you do some serious research the only conclusion you can take is that being vegan is the most healthy diet.

Plant-based diets are rich in protein, iron, calcium and other essential vitamins and minerals. The plant-based sources of these nutrients tend to be low in saturated fat, high in fibre and packed with antioxidants, helping mitigate some of the modern world’s biggest health issues like obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Vegans are leaner, have lower BMIs and have lower percentages of body fat. All this means that we’re less likely to get weight-related diseases such as diabetes, have a reduced risk of heart disease and have lower cholesterol, blood pressure and mortality rates. Vegans even have a reduced risk of prostate cancer.

So I think you understand being vegan in very beneficial for your health. But so many people are convinced that they could never be vegan because they would miss the taste that animal products gives them. And I get that. But isn’t your health more important than taste? Vegan diets work for everybody. Whether you are young, old, sick, a sporter, body builder, … etc. If a vegan diet isn’t working beneficial for you, you are either not eating enough verity of vegetables, legumes, starches and fruits or most of the time you are not eating enough calories. Otherwise it’s almost impossible to not feel awesome on this lifestyle.

1/3th of the people and 1/3th of the children in America are obese. So many people need to spent so many money on health care costs, medication,… The combination of high saturated animal fats and high protein is not healthy. Cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity,… are becoming the norm and a normality. Since when is that acceptable? Since when is that normal? These past 20 years there has been a 3 fold increase in obesity. Why is that? What is it that we have been doing? Or eating habits have changed; We eat more processed and animal foods.

Most people agree that chips, fries, McDonalds, Burger King,… aren’t healthy, but they don’t realize that neither are meat, milk, eggs and fish. People need to realize and accept that all your needed nutrients are found in plant based foods without the cholesterol, fat and all the horrible unnecessary stuff. We hear everywhere that animals are necessary for our health. but who told you that? People often use the excuse “but we have been eating animals our whole life? So why would it be bad?” And I get that. We have. But that doesn’t proof that it’s beneficial for our health. It’s just something we have been doing. Our knowledge keeps evolving. We keep discovering knew things everyday about everything in this world. So why is it so hard to believe that we discover new things about food? Why isn’t it possible for humans to discover that animals aren’t good for us to eat, and why don’t we accept that plant based foods are what we are supposed to eat? People need to remove their blinkers and be open to new information. I just can’t believe that in 1000 years we are still gonna eat the way we don now. The earth and the people on it keep evolving, and our habits change. So I do believe we can change our habits if we want to.

The meat/milk industry is so powerful and wealthy, they’ll do everything to keep you hooked to these products. We believe what we see in ads and what we hear from people around us. Why don’t we ever see ads for vegetables and fruits? Because who is ever gonna gain from this? Not the big food industries. And then when you are sick they want you to their pharmaceutical products, so they make even more money. They off your blinders look around you and see what happens in the world. 

X Why is eating animals so unhealthy?

Animal food are too high in fats and protein and are too acidic for our body. PH 7.4 is normal for our body, and when we eat something higer or lower brings our body this back to 7.4. This is essential for our body. Animal products are higher in acidic which causes metabolic acidosis: our internal state is to acidic so we need to buffer it down, and make it more basic. So what do we do; we leach calcium phosphate from our bones, and this outline ingredient can buffer the PH and bring it back to 7.4. Which is great, but it’s bad because it’s leaching the calcium straight from our bones. And our bones are weakened. So it’s ironic that when people tell you to drink milk it’s actually harmful to our bones and health. We end up peeing it out. Societies with the highest consumption of milk have the highest numbers of osteoporoses = a degenerative bone disease that is connected with a shortage of calcium. If this is true, the nations with a high intake of diary products, which are the most important source of protein according to our typical western diet, have low cases of osteoporoses. But according to studies, countries with the highest intake in calcium have the highest amounts of hip fractures, which is the most important indicator to osteoporoses. So completely the opposite of what the dairy industry tells us.

All we here about is that we need protein. We need it to be strong and ads have told us that we can only get it from meat. But what a lot of people don’t know is that their are even plants with more protein than meat. We here and read about high protein/ fat and low carb diets. But I believe the other way is healthy. Every cell in our body runs on glucose, we need carbs to sustain us and give us energy. What our body does when it gets protein or fats, is it has to undergo a very complex process. With whole/ plant foods it doesn’t take us that much energy to break it down in our body so it gives us much more needed energy.

To much protein can also lead to liver failure. High fat, saturated fat and cholesterol are not oké for out health. And these are only in animal fats so high. They clog our arteries and cause atherosclerosis = arteries narrowed by atherosclerotic plaque: damaged endothelium, damaged smooth muscle cells, macrophages transformed into foam cells, lipids, calcium, cellular debris, fibrous cap.
It also causes heart diseases. It’s often not genetic, it’s choice we make. We can only blame ourselves for what we put into our body.

In a study they separated two groups of rats. One group was given 20% of casein which is found in dairy products and the other group was given 5% casein, which is found in plant foods. Twelve weeks long they were followed. The rats who were given 20% of protein were showing a stronger level of new tumor growth. On the other hand, with all the rats only given 5% protein their was no presence of tumor growth. With the second studie they changed the died of the rats every 3 weeks between the 5 and the 20%. When they were given 20% it showed early tumor growth, with 5% the tumor growth went back down.. It even showed that a diet of 20% protein from soja beans and wheat didn’t promote tumor growth. So is it really that cancer is in your genes of can we solve and control it with just changing our diet? 

X Why are plants so good?

Did you know every nutrient that is found in animal products can also be found in paint-based foods: water, fiber, nutrients, fructose, glucose, starch, small amounts of fat and protein, vitamins minerals calcium, iron,…

You can eat more calories and feel satisfied and full, and not even gain the weight and get more nutrients versus animal products.

When we eat 400 kcal of vegetables our stomach is completely full and our brains gets a signal that our stomach is full. But when we eat 400 kcal of meat or stomach isn’t even half full and our brain tells us to eat more. So we eat more saturated, animal fats and start to gain more weight faster. And 400 kcal of oil fills just the bottom of your stomach which doesn’t satisfy you at all. So we are tempted to eat more kcal of animal products when we are not supposed to. Plants satisfy you and you will never over eat on the wrong kind of foods.

(Watch forks over knives for much more information, I highly recommend it.)


Monday, September 05, 2016

Summer is almost over

Monday, September 05, 2016

Bikini - And Other Stories / Short - Zara / Blouse - And Other Stories / Sunglasses - Komono


Saturday, September 03, 2016

Thrifted blues

Saturday, September 03, 2016

I have been loving thrift shopping! I found thesis shorts and blouse in the Think Twice, it's a thrift store retail in Belgium, I always go to the ones in Leuven, Ghent or Antwerp. You really have to look and search hard to find the perfect things in this store, but When you do it's so worthed. I love that feeling When you find something That fits perfectly and you know no one else will have the same. This shirt feels and looks so expensive, and I feel so unique in it. These shorts are super comfortable and I just love the blue color theyhave, it's like nothing else I have.

Shirt and short - Think Twice


Thursday, September 01, 2016

I am a feminist because

Thursday, September 01, 2016
Being a feminist means to me that you believe women can be on the same level as man, because man are on a different level. And we are reminded of that every day (see the long list at the end). I care a lot about this topic and I think you should to. Women are subjected to sexism in the public sphere, and that this is harmful to individuals and to society as a whole. It’s 2016 and we as women are still treated as less. I think all woman should care about how we are treated in this society. We need to speak up and show that we can do what man do (maybe even better :p). But saying, that I also don’t believe that women are prior to man or that we are better.
Some people get the definition of feminism very wrong and think we are striving for a world where we want to be above man. No! Feminism is about equality. It’s to often seen as man hating. The way I see it is: Women should fight for equal rights for men, and men should fight for equal rights for women. Both man and women should  feel to be free. We are all human. We need to let go of genders and just view a person by their character, not whether they are male or female.

We need to show that woman deserve to get payed the same as man for the same job, that we deserve an education, that we ar more than stay at home moms, that women can be CEO’s, that woman are more than a body, should be able to make their own decisions about their own body, that we are treated with the same respect as man,….. I can keep going. But there is no country in the world where all woman can expect to get these rights. No country can say that they have gender equality.
Gender equality is an issue to female but also to male. They need to change. They need to participate in feminism. They need to change their view on woman.
I started really caring about feminism and women rights not so long ago. I always thought it was wrong there was still a difference in gender, but I never had the urge to educate myself on the topic and become vocal about it. But I think from a certain age it’s important you do. You need to be aware of how women are treated in many different ways all over the world. When I walk down the street and boys yell from their car of how pretty I am or just whistle.. What do they think to achieve with that, it’s just patronizing towards women. When you go out and boys are surprised or offended that you don’t want to sleep with them… We as woman don’t need to act to please the man and don’t need to feel like they can do or say whatever they want to us. We need to stand up for ourselves. It just frustrates an makes me so angry when I see boys act like that and expect girls are just fools and will fall for it. We are smart and can stand up for ourselves. We can achieve great things.
It’s 2016 and I think it’s time for a change and an open mind about the rights of woman all over the world. Because the decrease in value of women might not be so pronounced where you live, but don’t forget their are so many places where it’s nowhere as good as where you live.

Zayn Malik can pay to leave in the middle of a world tour, the middle of a contract, and make his own music because he didn’t like One Direction’s music, but Kesha is being forced to stay in a contract with her mental abuser, sexual assaulter, and rapist and Sony won’t let her out without repercussions
Sam Pepper goes around with sick and horrible pranks and nobody bats an eye, and when people do, they get shit because the girls who got their ass grabbed should have liked it.
Chris Brown can beat women and get away with it WITH a career and female fans still worshiping this woman beater.
Hillary Clinton will get asked about her wardrobe in interviews instead of political topics, unlike her other male runners.
Tampons and pads are taxed as luxury items, but male shaving items are not.
When I get catcalled at the mall, the guys yell at me about how I should take it as a compliment and only stop when my boyfriend shows up and tells them to stop.
Nobody bats an eye at a shirtless male, but the moment a woman doesn’t have a shirt on and her breasts are out, people are in outrage.
Men can’t go out in public wearing ‘feminine’ items without being ridiculed.
I got detention for wearing shorts over my leggings because my shorts were not fingertip length and was distracting to my male students learning environment, despite having full length leggings on and my shorts covering my butt.
5SOS can have a completely bare naked magazine cover, only cover their junk with their hands, and be praised, but Selena Gomez releases an album cover of her naked, but at the same time quite covered, and gets called a slut on social media.
When Justin Bieber posts a naked photo of him on a boat (with his back facing the camera) he is praised and drooled over, but a woman can’t post a bikini photo without being attention seeking.
Tyler Joseph can’t wear a dress on stage during a performance without being called out on the media, and in person, but a female can.
When a female says she’s a feminist, people think that women want to be better than men.
When a male says he’s a feminist, people think he is lying to get women’s attention.
When a gay man says he is raped by another man, he is told he should have liked it because he was gay.
When a boy says he was raped by a female, his friends say he should have liked it because he got laid by an older woman.
When a lesbian is raped by a man, he gets away free because he claims to try and turn her straight so her family would accept her.
Because ‘there are only two genders’.
Because pansexuality, demisexuality, asexuality, agender, genderfluidity, and other sexualities and genders are seen as ‘fake’ and ‘jokes’ because people use them as jokes.
I need feminism because we all deserve to be treated equally.

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