Thursday, July 21, 2016

What works for me might not work for you

Thursday, July 21, 2016
Eat for your own individual health
So I talk about how I think the vegan diet is the best one. But beyond that it’s the unknown. What is the best vegan diet? Nobody knows but you . Because everybody is so different. We all have individual health goals: gaining weight, loosing weight, getting energy, curing acne, getting over an eating disorder (physically or mentally), curing a disease, cancer, high blood pressure, or you are a body builder, it depends on your age,… etc. We are such indue individuals with such unique life goals and needs. We need to feel for ourselves what feels right to eat. What do I need at this moment to fulfill my goals? Nobody can answer that but you.

I do believe eating whole foods and unprocessed foods are the healthiest foods to eat. And are most off the time most beneficial for your health. But when you are healing from an eating disorder for example, it’s oké to eat “unhealthy, junkfood and processed foods”. It’s important and healthy to get over this fear of eating and not feel guilty when you eat foods like this. You need to challenge yourself in that moment to get over a fear, a fear of foods your mind tells you you can’t eat. When you create thoughts like “no I can’t eat this” then you you are going to want to eat this, and this is not a healthy mental state to be in. Mental health accompanies your physical health.
It’s important to have a balance between processed foods and whole foods. I know I am not capable of cutting out all processed foods from my diet. And I don’t want to. Because chocolate from time to time can make me very happy. And their is nothing wrong with that. You don’t always have to make conscious decisions about what you can’t or can eat, it should be a natural thing. Your body will tell you what it needs. It just needs balance. That’s why it’s dangerous when you follow an eating pattern from somebody else, because she probably doesn’t have the same goals, body, history, … only if you know absolutely everything about this person and it is very similar to yours it might work for you to follow what they do.
You also feel yourself what works for you, you know when something gives you energy and when something makes you sluggish.
Yin & Yang (raw vs. cooked)
Yin an Yang are two different kinds of food. Yin are “cooling” foods: raw vegetables, fruits, foods that grows above the ground. Yang are “warming” foods: cooked grains; starches, beets, food that grows under the ground. The balance between the two is important for optimal health. This balance is important for your energy, digestion, nutrition, flow of energy in your body, happiness,… etc.

As a person you can be more Yin or Yang. You have people who are always cold (yin) and who are always warm (yang). When you live in older and wetter climates you are probably more yin, while people living in a tropical or hotter and drier environment are far more yang. When you are more yin you are want to eat more yang foods and when you are more yang you want to eat more yin foods, to keep your balance and feel great. Because for example when you are yang you have more yang from yourself and you are going to need to supplement with more yin foods. So that you are not going to be deficient in yin.
I believe that eating raw is super healthy and good foor your body. But when you live in a colder climate like me, I believe that warm foods can make you sometimes feel som much better than cold foods. When your body is already so cold it’s not good to feed it more cold. Your body needs than needs to work to hard to keep you body temperature up. And it’s not going to give you the needed energy.
Create your own diet and stop following others
When it doesn’t feel right eating something or or a certain way at a moment, don’t force it. Your mindset towards food is so important. To be to strict on what is healthy. It”s so easy to get caught up in this resrictif thought of having to eat clean and eat perfect. Health depends on what situation you are in. And we are all in different situations.

“The healthiest diet” isn’t always the healthiest diet for you, depending on your situation. In many studies is proven that a low fat diets are the best diets for optimal health and lower risk in diseases. And I believe that is true. Bur when you are recovering from an eating disorder, often you need to gain weight and you need to eat more fats. Or when you are still growing as a child it’s also important for brain growth to eat enough fats. Also it’s not healthy to have a mindset that’s “I can’t eat this, I have to eat this” When you’re happy you are healthy. You need to have a healthy mindset towards food and not feel guilty when you eat non health foods. Stop having restrictive thoughts.
Your mentality is important, when you want eat something just eat it, but it’s also important to know how certain foods make you feel after you eat them. If your stomach or energy level don’t feel right after eating a certain food, it may not be the best for you to eat. Every person is so different so it’s normal we all prefer and tolerate and different vegan diet.
It’s so easy to get caught up in someone else’s recommendations. I believed what the people on the internet told me to do. Eat so much fruit and you will be skinny, haha. No they don’t know you. They have never seen you . They don’t know your history with food. They can’t tell you what is right for you. You need to find that out yourself. Try different high carb diets. Try eating more fruits, or starches, maybe raw works for you, maybe processed foods don’t make you feel that bad,… Try it out.
You have people who eat so much fruit and feel amazing. But when I eat that much fruit, I will steel feel hungry, my stomach will be full but my brain just won’t be satisfied. I think rawtill4 is amazing. But my body just doesn’t like it. And maybe for some people it works great and all the fruit gives them so much energy. But I prefer starches and cooked foods. They satisfy me in a way fruit can’t. You need to experiment. When I became vegan I ate tons of fruit, and it worked for me. But it was summer holiday and I wasn’t really doing much. Just enjoying the sun. But when I had to go to school I just needed something way more filling. Through the years you will find out what works for you. Even if you want o loose weight. I just don’t believe there is one way to loose weight. You need to find a HCLF diet that works for you.

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