Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Make-up free month

Tuesday, May 10, 2016
I started wearing make-up when I was 14. I hated the bags under my eyes and decided to buy concealer to cover them up. I was 14 my skin was young, fresh and flawless, I definitely didn’t need make-up. But I was insecure about something and wanted to cover it up. When I was 16 I started to wear a little more concealer. Then I started wearing mascara,… By the age of 17/18 was wearing a full face of make-up everyday. No matter if I was going out to party, to school or just staying home. I didn’t feel confident without the coverage. My skin started getting bad, and I started to need to wear make-up, because I had redness and pimpels. I love applying make-up and seeing how different you can make your face look with different ways of applying it. But I hated the feeling of needing it to feel confident in my own skin. I was hiding behind make-up and didn’t really liked my appearance without it. Make-up should be fun and never a mask. When you’re this young you need to love your natural skin and let it breath. Not fill up your pours with all these products. It took me way to long to realize this.

I have always had very dry, red, sensitive skin. A little hormonal acne here and there, but never much. Last year my skin changed dramatically. I got severe acne and I didn’t recognized myself anymore. My confidence was at my all tim low back than, and I am not confident person to begin with. I got so insecure. Your face is the first thing people notice about you. I thought people where looking at me and were talking about me. I tried so many different products to solve it, but thinking back on it I think that only made it worse. And than there was the make-up thing. I just couldn’t go outside without make-up. Without covering my horrible skin. Even to work out. Which is horrible and the worst thing you can do. I tried to go some days without make-up but could never succeed and would end up putting it on anyway. It were some frustrating unhappy months. Even though in this time I was also very happy because I went vegan and my body felt great, I knew this wasn’t going to be forever and that their was going to be a solution to all this. I felt very happy, but then I looked in the mirror and I was reminded how my face looked, and I would be so unhappy and just wouldn’t recognize myself.
A month and a half ago I decided to go make-up free for a month. Nothing. My acne was at his worse so the time couldn’t be better and horrible at the same time. It was so hard the first day to put nothing on my skin. The first week of me going make-up free I went skiing, the timing couldn’t have been better. The wind cleared my skin completely, which it always does when I go skiing but normally the acne comes back after a week. This time it also came back, but disappeared again after 3 days, that had neer happend before. I knew I was doing something right. I wasn’t washing my face with special face soaps and wasn’t putting on any creams or masks. I used to think that oils and day cremes where so important, even from a young age. But now I think it can be good when you feel your skin is what tired and dry but it’s not an everyday necessity, and can really damage your skin, when it is as sensitive as mine. After 3 weeks I was only left with a little scarring and no acne at all. My confidence level went from -10 to  100 in no time. I could touch my face without feeling al these bombs, I can’t remember a time it was like that.
And I know it may sounds superficial that I care so much about the way my appearance looks, but lets be honest. I do care more about mental happens and it’s important that you don’t only care about the way you look and let this not define your happiness. But hey, you have to admit. The way you look influences the way you feel. There is no denying.
It has now been more than a month, and I never thought this day would come, that I had to turn 19 to say this, but I don’t feel the need to wear make-up anymore. It’s like overcoming a chocolate addiction. Once you stop eating it you don’t crave it anymore. I feel pretty and like myself walking on the street in a bare face. I can’t imagine plastering my face with make-up and feeling happy. I need a bare face to feel free and breath. I can touch and rub my face without thinking about smudging anything. I feel so much more free.

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